No Arena Funding From Government Means No New Arena For Chatham-Kent

Unless Chatham-Kent Council can find an extra $60-million in their coffers in the immediate future, it’s unlikely the Municipality will be getting a new arena any time soon.

That comes after senior government denied Chatham-Kent’s application for funding for a new twin-pad arena, saying it did not meet enough criteria.

Chatham-Kent council directed last year, that construction of a new twin-pad arena would not move forward if funding from the Provincial and Federal government was not received.

Council did vote to set aside $18.5 million, but without the remainder of the funding, Chatham-Kent seems destined to operate with the status quo of ageing and outdated arena facilities for the foreseeable future.

More to come on this story. CKSN is following up with both local and provincial government.

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