Kirby MacKinnon Staying Focused, And Safe On Campus

Kirby MacKinnon
Kirby MacKinnon (second from right) masked up at practice with some of her Denison University teammates

Kirby MacKinnon committed to play NCAA DIII volleyball earlier this year at Denison University. And she’s staying committed despite the unprecedented circumstances this year has presented.

Like so many athletes, she couldn’t foresee the future to know that COVID-19 would delay the next stage of her athletic career.

MacKinnon however, who has been on Denison’s campus in Granville, Ohio for over a month, is already feeling like a connected part of her Big Red volleyball team.

“Although we didn’t really have a pre-season, I already feel so connected to my teammates. We try our best to get to know each other during practices and mealtimes, because it’s harder to spend time all together as a team during the week.”

The fact that MacKinnon is able to practice, and be in the weight room, can only benefit the Chatham Ballhawks alumni when the season does get underway.

Until then, the pre-med student is focusing on doing her part to keep others on campus safe, including her teammates.

“The team plans gatherings outside, so that we can all be together. The school has taken the COVID precautions very seriously, and everyone on campus is adhering to the guidelines. Everyone does their part, so that we can continue to live and go to school on campus.”

The camaraderie MacKinnon has experienced since stepping onto campus was a major reason why she chose the school in the first place.

“I chose Denison because it simply felt like the right fit for me. The team atmosphere is amazing, and I really enjoyed the girls when I first visited the campus. The coaching staff really values team chemistry and asking yourself ‘how can I make my teammate better today’.”

While the North Coast Athletic Conference has postponed all competition until 2021, MacKinnon still has big plans for her freshman season with the Big Red, whenever it gets underway.

“My goals this year are to get stronger in the weight room, so that I am better prepared for the upcoming season, which will hopefully be in the spring. Also, I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone to better strengthen my teammates and myself. Overall in my career I hope that we can win an NCAC championship, and then make it to the NCAA tournament.”

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