Levi Tetrault’s Passion In Hockey Evident In His Music

Levi Tetrault

By Wyatt Williams

Many in the local hockey community are very aware of Levi Tetrault’s
accomplishments in hockey, but I suspect far fewer are aware of his musical
abilities and passion. I asked the former OHL and GOHL player, and now assistant Chatham Maroons coach about his musical roots and dream, and hockey.

Wyatt: To make it to the play hockey in the premier Major Junior A hockey league in North America required years of dedication, work and skill, and an obvious love of the game. Do you feel that same effort and determination
for your musical aspirations?

Levi: I have always been fond of music from a young age. Growing up, my dad would regularly play guitar and sing. My siblings and I would often
compete in local singing contests where my dad would accompany us
with his guitar. Music has always been in our family. For me, learning to
play the guitar has been one of the best skills I could ever learn. I taught
myself to play guitar while recovering from a concussion in my second
year in the OHL. Playing guitar and singing is a great hobby and pastime.
The Lord has blessed me with the ability to sing and play guitar. Wherever
music takes me I will always be thankful.

Wyatt: How long have you been interested in music, and what are your hopes and dreams as a musician?

Levi: I started singing in singing contests at the age 7. My family has always had an appreciation for music. My goal is to try and get my music out there for people to hear with the hope of getting recognized. Whether I make it anywhere with music or not, I will forever enjoy singing and playing

Wyatt: You have played hockey at a very high level, and are coaching in junior B, do you think any of the things that have helped you as a hockey player/coach will cross over to making it in the music business, and if so

Levi Tetrault with the Leamington Flyers in 2018-2019 – Photo by Wyatt Williams

Levi: I think the biggest thing that would translate would be the time and effort that you put into something that you enjoy doing and that goes for all of life. For me, playing at the junior hockey level was a dream of mine since I was a young boy and I am very blessed to have achieved that dream. That
being said, it took an incredible amount of time and effort to get to that
level. As far as music goes, I play my guitar and sing everyday because I
have a passion for it. It took years of me practicing guitar and singing to
get to where I am at now. When you are naturally driven to do something
you love, the time and hard work required is enjoyable.

Wyatt: Most players say without the support of their family, they never would have had success. Is that a feeling you have, and is their support essential in your musical journey?

Levi Tetrault coaching the Chatham Maroons in 2019-2020 – Photo by Wyatt Williams

Levi: I have been very blessed by the support of my parents and siblings. Not only with my music journey, but with everything in my life, my parents
have been there for me. My parents have made so many sacrifices and
given so many opportunities to me and my siblings. We are truly blessed
to have such supportive and loving parents.

Wyatt: Which musical artists do you get your inspiration from, and are they what we would find playing in your vehicle today?

Levi: My favourite artist has always been Joe Nichols. I have always enjoyed his voice and find he is a really talented singer. Other artists that I really like are Chris Young, Josh Turner, and Jade Eagleson. Any artist with a low, strong country voice would be on my list of favourites! In my car today, you would probably find any one of those three artists mentioned above playing. I enjoy all their music!

Wyatt: What were your hopes as a hockey player, and are you content with how it played out?

Levi: My hopes and dreams from a young age was to play in the Ontario
Hockey League. I remember me, my dad, and my brother all going to
watch the Windsor Spitfires play on a weekly basis. Back then, I
remember thinking to myself, “It would be awesome to play here
someday.” The fact that 10 years down the road I would play against the
Windsor Spitfires, in the same arena, with my dad and brother watching
me, was a dream come true in and of itself. I cannot express enough how
truly blessed and thankful I am to the Lord for the opportunities that he
has given me with hockey. I know of so many young boys who would give anything just to play one OHL game or even one Junior hockey game. To
say that I have played over 100 OHL and Jr. B games is something I will
forever be thankful for. I am really enjoying my time coaching hockey and
will likely always be involved in the game.

To hear Levi sing visit his YouTube channel here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nMs01NUZf8&fbclid=IwAR2S7D6hBjsOHf02eI3ebhSg-Ey- f_7PQiuqtsJ2cy4BHItKEmLLfMtwx1M&app=desktop

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