Barnetti’s Hoping To Be A Slam Dunk Locally

Barnetti's Arcade Chatham

If you ever played a vintage video game at an arcade, including sports classics like NBA Jam, then Chatham-Kent’s newest business, Barnetti’s Arcade will have you itching to play.

“Barnetti’s is a retro arcade bar offering arcade games and pinballs from the late 70s up to the 2000s, with titles that everybody knows and loves,” says Zach Trinetti, owner of Barnetti’s Arcade.

One of the major selling features for patrons, is that all of Barnetti’s machines are on ‘free play’ with visitors simply paying a cover charge at the door.

The fully licensed business offers family hours until 8pm each night, after which it’s a 19+ venue for the “young at heart.”

If you love sports, Trinetti says his favourite, and the favourite of many is the classic NBA Jam.

“My favourite sports game in the place is a favourite of many, NBA Jam. It’s a four player game, it’s a non-stop button mashing, two-versus-two, or two versus the computer and it’s a great time. I definitely recommend people play that as it will bring back some good old feels for those who know it, and it will bring a good time for those who don’t,” said Trinetti.

NBA Jam isn’t the only sports game on the Barnetti’s Arcade lineup.

“Currently for our sports lineup we have a good selection of golf games, bowling games, and basketball. We will be rotating and bringing in other stuff. We do have other sub-sports like wrestling and shooting games, there’s something here for everyone,” Trinetti explained.

Barnetti’s Arcade is the type of location youth, and adults alike have been waiting for and asking for in Chatham-Kent. It’s a location for entertainment, and social gathering.

According to Trinetti

“I hope that people experience a great night out when they come here, and some nostalgia, remembering some good times and simpler times, and to just honestly have a good night out on the town,” said Trinetti of what he hopes people experience at Barnetti’s Arcade.

The location will also host tournaments and charity nights, as well as private events, but for now, Trinetti’s focus is on providing Chatham-Kent citizens with a memorable night out.

“Come check it out, there’s something for everyone, we hope to have the entire community come through our doors at some point, whether it be for a night our, or an event.”

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