Bonjour Bridget: Carleton Excited For Season In France

Bridget Carleton

For many of us, it’s almost unfathomable to picture ourselves getting on a transatlantic flight, and entering a new country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is unless you’re continuing to live your basketball dream like Chatham’s Bridget Carleton, who landed in France this week to start her overseas season.

“It has been really good,” Carleton said about landing in a new country and city. “I’m excited about the entire experience with a new team in a new country. Obviously it takes time to adjust to everything but my team has been super welcoming and helpful as I transition.”

Why wouldn’t her new team be welcoming? Carleton is coming off an incredible WNBA campaign with the Minnesota Lynx, that saw her work her way into a starting role, playing key minutes, and contributing at both ends of the court all season.

“It was a great experience. I learned a lot about who I am as a player and what my strengths and weaknesses are against some of the best players in the world,” Carleton said of her breakout season.

“I stayed ready and when I got an opportunity I was ready to take advantage of it.”

Despite her success this year, which earned Carleton league wide respect and recognition, the former Big 12 Player of the Year and Iowa State graduate knows there is still room to grow, which is what she’s hoping to continue while playing for Landerneau Bretagne Basket.

“Keep getting better, expand my game, learn some French and to win lots of games!” Carleton exclaimed about her season goals.

Despite her excitement, it also comes with trepidation moving to a country that will soon surpass 1-million COVID-19 infections.

That included the issue of the transatlantic flight.

“It was pretty uncomfortable, but I took all the precautions I could to be as safe as possible. Luckily I was able to get tested immediately before and after my trip to allow myself some peace of mind.”

As for her current situation in Landerneau, Carleton will continue to do what she can to stay safe while competing and living in France.

“I am in a smaller city that has not had a lot of cases which is comforting. It is very similar to the precautions Canada is taking in terms of wearing a mask when indoors and staying 6+ feet away from other people. All teams around our league get tested every week before we play our scheduled games.”

Needless to say, her fans in Chatham, and now in France, will be eager to see Carleton on the court again.

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