Giovanni Magliaro Excited To Get Started With The Windsor Lancers…Whenever That Can Happen

Giovanni Magliaro soccer
Giovanni Magliaro will suit up for the University of Windsor Lancers men’s soccer team next season

It wasn’t the start to his freshman year he expected, but Chatham’s Giovanni Magliaro is excited to be a Windsor Lancer, whenever a season happens.

“Keeping in shape and getting touches on the ball everyday is critical to make sure I can play at the top of my game the second we get back,” said Magliaro who spent his offseason at home training.

While practice is fun, a postponed soccer season, which would have been well underway now, was not a feeling Magliaro hoped for as a rookie in the OUA.

“The season being postponed wasn’t the best feeling,” he said. “I love playing soccer and hearing it was postponed wasn’t the best feeling. However in the circumstances given it made sense. What I’m doing to keep busy is practicing and playing on my own. It’s important to stay in tip top shape for when the season comes back.”

For Magliaro, the decision to attend Windsor occurred naturally.

“Choosing Windsor happened naturally. Being so close to it location wise and always playing in the area I started to build a connection with the coach and team. I felt like I was a part of the program since day 1 when I first arrived.”

Whenever the soccer season does happen, Magliaro has his eyes set on personal growth, and helping the Windsor Lancers attain team success.

“My career goals at Windsor is to improve my skills as a player and help the team win a national title. We have a good group of guys and I believe together we can reach that goal.”

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