Throwback Thursday: The Wallaceburg Capitals

On this week’s Throwback Thursday, brought to you by CK Tubs and Taps, we travel back to the Wallaceburg Capitals.

Long before the Washington Capitals were Stanley Cup Champions, the Wallaceburg Capitals were patrolling the ice.

This photo is of the 1985-1986 Wallaceburg Capitals.

Pictured are Andy Johnston, Jeff Lozon, Keith Mitchell, Dave Johnston, Kevin Barnet, Todd Daley, Guy Celotto, Huck Johnston, John Moran, Tony Dbbelaar, Doug Reek, Tony Vancoillie, Todd Langstaff, Jeff McTavish, Jeff Marshall, Ted Gilhuly, Lee Jackson, Jeff Cole, Gary Lalonde, Geni Bouman, Rick Rankin, Rob Johnston, and Jim Yazbeck.

Wallaceburg Capitals

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