Chatham-Kent’s Keira Jackson, Making CK Proud

Chatham-Kent sends athletes across Ontario, Canada, and the globe each year to compete athletically.

Sponsored by baCK to Chatham-Kent, we’ll be featuring local athletes who have left Chatham-Kent, and are proudly representing our community. We hope many of these athletic ambassadors for our community someday come baCK to call Chatham-Kent home.

This week, we feature Wheatley’s Keira Jackson, a member of the University of Windsor’s track and field team, where she is making CK proud.

Here are Keira’s responses to our baCK to Chatham-Kent athletes interview:

1. Can you describe what support you’ve felt from your hometown/ Chatham-Kent while you’ve been away?

My parents are a 24/7 support system any time I need them and are always eager to make any meet in support of me. For family and friends who can’t always make it in person, social media has enabled them to follow the athletic/scholastic journey, and their support is always noticed.

2. What do you enjoy about coming home to visit?

The entire community itself feels like home, and that sense of comfort and belonging is one of the things I enjoy most. Aside from that, the food & company are the best at home and it’s always hard to leave that at the end of a trip.

3. Would you consider making Chatham-Kent home again some day?

Absolutely, I would love to continue coaching and building the athletic community I came from

4. What advice would you give to young athletes baCK home in Chatham-Kent?

Always be open to new opportunities and know that home is always waiting for you when you’re missing it.

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