Jamie Richards, A Chatham-Kent Athlete Who Came baCK

Dr. Jamie Richards with his two daughters, wife, and dog.

Chatham-Kent sends athletes across Ontario, Canada, and the globe each year to compete athletically. Sponsored by baCK to Chatham-Kent, we’ll be featuring local athletes who have left Chatham-Kent, and are now baCK, living, working, and staying connected to our own vibrant sports community in CK.

This week, we feature Blenheim’s Jamie Richards.

Dr. Jamie Richards grew up in Blenheim, before playing University football for McMaster University.

Now, he is baCK living and working in Chatham-Kent, including serving as the CEO of Life By Design Inc. and the Clinic Director at The Life By Design Centre.

Here are Jamie’s responses to our baCK to Chatham-Kent athletes interview:

1. Where did you grow up?

Good ole’ Blenheim, Ontario!

2. What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime?

While I enjoy a round of golf, I spend the majority of my time either with my wife and young kids OR at The Life By Design Centre helping to grow and service our community’s health.

3. What did you do after high school?

I attended McMaster University and played 4 years of Varsity Football.  It was an incredible experience, one with many fundamental lessons that have served me well over the past 20 years.

4. What are you doing now?

I am currently the CEO of Life By Design Inc. and the Clinic Director at The Life By Design Centre.

With 50 + licensed locations worldwide, plus our own multi-business location, life is busy but knowing that we’re making a life enhancing impact on 1000’s of lives is a rewarding to live.

5. What has made you happiest, or been the best surprise about moving baCK to Chatham-Kent?

The people and the lifestyle. It’s a more laid back approach to life and that’s something that serves our family well.

6. What would you tell someone who is considering living in Chatham-Kent?

It’s a fantastic “home base”.  If someone is looking for a place with a strong community, water access, outdoor infrastructure and ease of living, plus a simple way to travel anywhere else, all with a cost of living that’s attainable…. CK is on the short list.

7. Why did you choose to move baCK to Chatham-Kent?

Our vision for The Life By Design Centre was a headquarters for our parent company Life By Design. That project was going to be much more difficult and costly to develop it in an urban setting.  When combined with the lifestyle it offered for growing our young family, CK was the perfect combination.

8. Describe your current sports involvement?

With The Fit Club directly inside The Life By Design Centre, finding an excuse to NOT exercise is off the table. I train 3-5 days per week, golf a few times each season, and play outside as much as possible with the kids!

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