Windsor Lancers A ‘Perfect Fit’ For Brett Wegzryn

By Gabby Glasier,

Brett Wegrzyn with the Chatham-Kent Cougars – Photo by

Even as the pandemic continues, Canadian universities are preparing for the next sports season in the hope they are given a green light. The University of Windsor Lancers’ recruitment of receiver and Ridgetown native, Brett Wegrzyn, is one such means of preparation.

This September, Wegryzn is slated to play football for the Lancers, while also studying general arts with an undeclared major.

The 6’3”, 188 pound student-athlete discovered his passion for football during his high school career at Ursuline College. When explaining Windsor as his university of choice, Wegryzn cites familiarity due to friends and family, but he also says the coaches played a large role.

“Through speaking to the coaches, I have been shown the love and care they show for the students as well as the athletes of the university of Windsor, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me,” he says.

Although being a student in itself is a daunting lifestyle with a large workload, Wegrzyn seems up to the challenge of being a varsity athlete. 

“I am most excited for the lifestyle I will be taking on as a university athlete, the constant work I will be putting in whether it’s on the field, in class, in the weight room, or even during my own time,” he says. “This will be difficult but I am excited for the challenge.”

This sense of overcoming challenges is a theme for Wegrzyn – like the transition from high school to university, the incoming rookie receiver thinks of the pandemic as just another obstacle.

“I have always had a drive to compete and to continue with football, however [the pandemic] has made it very difficult at times to continue with that mindset,” he says. “But it is just another challenge I have to work through in order to be great.”

Come September, Wegzyen will get his chance to be great – hopefully this pandemic will be able to accommodate him, and other prospective U Sports student-athletes. 

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