Local Jiu Jitsu Athletes Bring Home The Gold

Rain Pfaff

Several athletes representing Armstrong Academy of Martial Arts competed in the Ontario International Open / GTA Classic that took place at the Markham Pan Am Centre last week. It was the first competition held in Ontario since Mar 2020. The team placed 5th overall in the adult divisions and 9th overall in the youth with a total medal count of 6 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze.

Here are the results for each student in their perspective age, weight and belt divisions:

Emily Lamarche Gold, Alex Amores Carlone Silver (gi) and Gold (no-gi), Austin King Bronze (gi), Jeremy Lamarche Bronze (gi), Robbie St. Jean Silver (no-gi) Silver (no-gi absolute) Silver (gi) Bronze (gi absolute), Logan Johnson Silver (no-gi) Gold (gi), Rain Pfaff Gold (gi) Gold (gi absolute), Aaron Campbell Silver (gi), Keith Johnson Gold (gi), Brady Smith Silver (gi) and Tiffany Campbell competed but did not place. Definitions: Gi=Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with uniform), No-Gi=No uniform Submission Grappling and absolute=Open weight class.

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