Aidan Edwards Continues To Impress, See Video

Aidan Edwards of the Chatham-Kent Cyclones – Photo by

By Matt Pepper

Aidan Edwards has been a dominant performer this season for Chatham – Kent and continues to impress in viewings.

On October 24th against the Hamilton Huskies, Edwards scored two huge goals en route to a 3 – 0 win.  Edwards shows alot of passion on the ice, going to the dirty areas, making hits to make plays, and driving to the net.  

Players of the game as follows:

#24 Kyle Staresinic, C/LS, Hamilton Huskies – Steady forward with a good forecheck game.  Worked hard throughout this game.

#62 Asher Martin, C/LS, Hamilton Huskies – Smart and speedy skater with a good release.  Good active stick.

#93 Trey Montour, RD/RS – Solid two – way defender who makes all the little plays.  Doesn’t panic.  Stirs the drink offensively for the Huskies.

#94 Nick Cameron, LW/LS, Chatham – Kent Cyclones – Turned defense into offense by blocking a shot and scoring on a breakaway.  All over in the puck in this game with puck battles.

#44 Aidan Edwards, LW/LS, Chatham – Kent Cyclones – Star of this game with two goals.  Outworked the opposition all game.  Grinds defenders constantly, making life difficult for them.

#17 – Luc Blanchette C/RS Chatham – Kent Cyclones – Solid forward who was strong at both ends of the rink in this one.  Good active stick in this game, including forcing plays from his end to the offensive end.

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