Chatham-Kent Facing An Ice-Free Summer

Thames Campus

Currently, no Chatham-Kent arena will have available ice this summer. Traditionally, Blenheim and Thames Campus have provided summer month ice options in the Municipality, but neither are scheduled to have ice available this summer.

The potential for an ice-free summer has raised concerns among hockey and skating enthusiasts, particularly following more than two years of interrupted programming and youth development in the area.

The Municipality typically aims to have 40 hours per week booked at an arena to maintain summer ice. Currently, Thames Campus in Chatham is booked for only 12 hours each week throughout June and July.

In an email from Municipal staff to user groups, it was stated that sports group and users will “need to show there is a bigger demand for ice for those months” in order for Council to approve one of Chatham-Kent’s arena’s to have ice available.

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