Local curler looking for ninth championship at Farmers Bonspiel

Jerry Meyskens at the 36th All Ontario Farmers Bonspiel at the Wallaceburg Sydenham Curling Club. (CKSN Photo)

The 36th All Ontario Farmers Bonspiel continues this weekend.

With $3,000 up for grabs, the curling event attracts a lot of quality teams from across the province.

Jerry Meyskens, a member of the Sydenham Curling Club, has made the finals 14 times over the years, winning eight championships.

What’s his secret?

“There is definitely a home-field advantage… every ice is different. If you were comparing curling to golf, you need to ‘read the greens’ and adjust your playing style,” said Meyskens. “Even the rocks you throw can be different… so when we are at home, we know exactly what to expect when we step on the ice. That’s a big advantage.”

Meyskens has also played with several different players along the way, including Bob Devolder who has been a big part of several championships.

“I’ve played with a lot of different fellas. I played with my dad for a few years and now my son’s been playing with me,” said Meyskens. “I think the first win was the highlight cause we were definitely an underdog… and not that experienced… Plus we were playing against some of the best teams in the province. Now we have a target on our backs when we step on the ice. We look forward to this event every year.”

There’s more than a fair chance you will see Meyskens in the finals at the Wallaceburg Sydenham Curling Club on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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