Eddie Wright’s lasting legacy in CK | Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, CKSN is collaborating with the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame to celebrate Black athletes from Chatham-Kent.

Eddie Wright - Hockey
Eddie Wright with the Boston University hockey team – Photo from the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society

Today meet Eddie Wright, who was inducted into the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.

Wright was an all-around outstanding Chatham athlete, staring in hockey, baseball and football.

A former Jr. Maroon, he was a scholarship athlete at Div.1 Boston University, along with fellow Jr. Maroon and Chathamite Herb Wakabayashi.

After graduating with a B.Sc, Wright earned a M.A in Education. He then spent 40 years at the University of Buffalo as a teacher, coach and administrator.

In 2010 the university named their new practice facility the Edward L. Wright Practice Facility.

In 2010 he was also recognized for his achievements by The Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society.

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