Carleton names her top picks for NCAA Championship

Bridget Carleton WNBA

The Chatham Sports Hall of Fame has asked Chatham’s own Bridget Carleton (Olympic basketball team member, and basketball player for the Minnesota Lynx) to provide her thoughts on the Women’s NCAA Championship and name which teams she thinks will advance.

With Carleton’s college basketball experience, who better pick the winning teams for the week’s next round of tournament games.

The next round starts Friday, March 24.

Here are Bridget’s picks to win during each round:

Sweet 16 picks. Bridget these teams winning:

(1)South Carolina over UCLA

(2)Maryland over Notre Dame.

(5)Louisville over Ole Miss

(2)Iowa over Colorado

(9)Miami over Vilanova

(2)Utah over LSU

(1)Virgina Tech over Tennessee

(2)UConn over Ohio State.

Winning in the Round of 8 Bridget picks:

South Carolina




Winning In the Final Four:

South Carolina


Overall Champion:

South Carolina.

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