Joe Perry, the Six Marathon Man — Part 2

In a six-part series on CKSN, Wallaceburg native Joe Perry will chronicle the journey of how he “accidentally” competed in six major marathons that spanned three continents.

Joe Perry. (Contributed photo)

By Joe Perry

Before I had much time to moan and groan about my “failure,” I received a surprise message from none other than Wes Hoyt. By some stroke of luck, he managed to get TWO entries to the following year’s London Marathon.

I didn’t know much about that race except it was super hard to get into, even for people living in England. After confirming that he wasn’t pulling my leg, I gladly accepted and raised some money for a great charity called BEARS.

BEARS is an emergency medical charity composed of volunteer doctors and paramedics specially trained to provide advanced life-saving pre-hospital care. I was honoured to help them out. Thank you to everyone who helped me fundraise for that.

That trip with Wes was a lot of fun but the marathon itself was a bit on the miserable side. Like Boston 2017, it was far too toasty for me and it was my slowest result. The queen was there to start the race for us but I was so slow that she gave up waiting for me at the finish line. I forgive her. I may not have waited for her either.

To make the journey across the pond even more worthwhile, I got to do a Toughest Mudder while over there!

Jolly good.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Joe’s six part series.

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