Thank You Frank

Frank Dymock (left) accepting his 2012 Citizen of the Year Award - Photo

Frank Dymock (left) accepting his 2012 Citizen of the Year Award – Photo

When a community loses a legend, it’s always difficult to put words together that honour them, and appropriately tell the story of their life. December 13, Wallaceburg lost a legend, our own Mr. Hockey, Frank Dymock, at age 82.

For decades, Frank sharpened, repaired, and gave away free skates to families in Wallaceburg, from his famously puck lined shop on the edge of Steinoff Park.

Dymock, who rarely left his shop to assure he could help as many families as possible, could be found beside the woodstove, having long conversations with whomever stopped in, waiting to spread the generosity he became known for over the five decades he sharpened skates in Wallaceburg, each time for free.

The 2012 Citizen of the Year in Wallaceburg, Dymock also has a bridge named after him in the town, and a Wallaceburg Minor Hockey tournament also bares his name.

Dymock, who came to Wallaceburg in 1956, will be remembered as a loving father, husband, and generous volunteer.

It’s hard to put into words what Frank Dymock meant to Wallaceburg. Frank never took a cent to sharpen, repair, or give away the skates that helped so many area youth get involved in hockey and figure skating. If someone offered, he would point them to a donation jar aimed at a local sports organization or charity.

After he’d walk over from his sharpener, skates in hand, and a smile on his face, the most Dymock accepted for his giving service, was a thank you. And when words don’t seem to be enough to describe such a wonderful man, it does seem appropriate to say, one final time, thank you, Frank.

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    Zack Gore 10 years


    May the man upstairs never have cold feet again, now that you are up there to watch over the wood stove. Thank you for your kind and humble demeanor. Your legacy will always live on in spirit.