A Girl With A Goal, And A Picture For Proof

Alyssa Lucier

Alyssa Lucier, in grade 8, holding a sign with a dream, which four years later is becoming a reality – Contributed Photo

Four years ago, Alyssa Lucier was graduating from St. Elizabeth Catholic School. Like most young students, she had dreams of bigger things. Nearing her graduation, Lucier, with her friends in tow, took a photo of that goal, holding a sign that read, “I will play college basketball.”

Fast forward four years, and countless hours on the court, and Lucier’s dream is becoming a reality, as the young basketball player committed last month to play CIS basketball for the University of Manitoba.

Although she wasn’t sure her dream would come true, Lucier earned the opportunity with four years of hard work.

“Honestly, I never thought it would come true but I was very determined at the time to accomplish it,” said Lucier. “My parents have always taught me that in order to accomplish things in life, I have to work extremely hard and earn it myself. So, I never really thought I was capable of actually playing post secondary basketball.”

The sign was part of a graduation project for Lucier at St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School in Wallaceburg.

“We did a project for our graduation, and the purpose was to put a goal or dream for the future on the paper, so that we could look at it in upcoming years and remind ourselves of what we wanted to achieve,” she explained.

After four seasons playing basketball with the Wallaceburg Airhawks, Wallaceburg District Secondary School, and more recently with the JUEL’s London Ramblers, Lucier is about to live her dream.

“It feels so fulfilling to be able to have this opportunity to carry out my passion for basketball in a post-secondary setting,” explained Lucier, who will study criminology at the University of Manitoba.

“Looking back on that photo I feel very proud of myself because it reminds me of all of the hard work it took me to get to where I am now as a player. It also reminds me of all the help I have had from coaches along the way,” added Lucier, who spoke of her WDSS coach Janine Day, and club coach Dave Brown.

Now with a new crop of elementary students ready to make the step to high school, Lucier hopes they’ll also follow their dreams, and use sport as an outlet.

“Really, the best advice to give these incoming high school athletes, is to never lose your love for your sport,” says Lucier. “Always find a way to make time for it, and always remember in the end, it’s just a game and a passion.”

From a dream, to a passion, Lucier will fulfill her personal promise next Fall when she steps on the court to play CIS basketball with the Manitoba Bisons.

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