Chatham-Kent Women’s Hockey Prospects: In Season

Instead of creating a list in this edition, we thought to go through various groups of players, highlighting some of the best of the bunch. If you feel like we’re missing someone, use the comment are below.


It’s hard to deny Brooke Michaud‘s skill, despite the fact she’s a 2003 birth year. The Charing Cross resident has bounced between Windsor and Chatham programs for years. She’s got soft hands, and a high compete level. She’s ready for a bigger challenge. Camille Blain‘s size is a tool you can’t teach, but even more surprising, is she’s got the skills to match. The 2002 forward is almost six-feet tall, skates well for her size, and has a high hockey IQ. Sophie Maine (2002) is the top defender in her age group. She’s physical and strong, and looks ready for Midget ‘AA’. Cassie Whiteye, who plays in London, has the pedigree, and compete level to continue to advance. She got a PWHL call up this year. Other skills 2002’s who will remain on the radar include Emma Doom, Jocelyn Maryschak, Carly Belanger, Reese Parks, as well as the rest of their Bantam roster in Chatham.


Jessie McPherson (2002) is a Bantam in Midget, and she’s been rock solid for the Midget ‘AA’ team and CKSS in Chatham. She tracks the puck well, and is positionally solid. This is a girl who wants to face the best, and be the best in any game. She will field calls from PWHL teams looking for her services next year. The Midget team’s 2001 born players, Payton Sabourin, Alison Stephens, Hunter Gagner, Rachel Benn, and Brooke Anderson all have tremendous upside. Sabourin puts the package together best at this point. Her skating, strength, and an off the chart compete level, make her instantly able to play at a higher level. A break out moment is coming for Sabourin. Stephens is a big defender, who is strong on her feet, and communicates well. Gagner does not lose many battles in her own zone, and plays a simplified game, but one that coaches can appreciate. Benn is all determination. What she lacks in some areas, she makes up for in her drive.

Lauren Edwards and Corinna Vandenboorn highlight Chatham’s 2000s. Both Ridgetown products, they play two different games. Edwards is quick, and plays a two way game. She is a responsible player, who could and should take more risks offensively. Vandenboorn has good hands, and uses her size to push opponents off the puck in her own zone.

2000s playing outside Chatham include Audra Vanroboys (Thamesville) and Mikayla Demaiter (Chatham). Vanroboys is a premiere prospect. She’s big and skilled, and playing on a well respected Ridley College team. She’ll face JWHL competition this year, which will test her more. Vanroboys looks to be a true college prospect. Demaiter plays ‘AA’ for Bluewater. A consistent ‘AA’ goalie, Demaiter battles for second saves, and is quick in the net.

Looking at local 1999 born Outlaws who will graduate this year, Bothwell’s Megan Morehouse, and Chatham’s Sydney Sabourin are the only two with a legitimate chance to move to a higher level. Their paths have mirrored each other for years, although they play different games. Sabourin, a pure two-way player, who captains CKSS’ girls team, can find the back of the net when she wants. She’s reliable on every inch of the ice, and protects the puck well. Morehouse shows more flash offensively, and has put up better numbers, but the duo are equally valuable in different ways to their teams.


Kaitlyn Isaac (Bluewater, 2001) headlines the group. An NCAA commitment for the Wallaceburg student is imminent. She’s played with and against older competition her entire life, and has always been up to the challenge. She is the complete package on the ice and will make an NCAA program happy in a few years. Facing tougher shooters with the Barrie Sharks, Wallaceburg’s Emma Gorski (2001) has been solid for a bottom half team. She remains big and square to the puck, and has kept her squad in games, and has multiple shutouts in the first half of her rookie campaign. She’ll have a long list of college suitors. Kirsten Horney (2001) returned from an early season injury, and got off to a strong start on a weak Southwest team. Also playing for the CKSS Golden Hawks, Horney is a heads up player, who will draw more attention from recruiters as her strength at the next level, and her experience increases. She has good on ice vision and patience with the puck. Katreena Whiteye (London, 1999) had a slow start. She’s been a top name on our watch for years, and she’ll make a school happy next season. Whiteye could benefit from being more selfish with the puck, but flourishes as a playmaker. Finally, Chatham’s Taylor Lockwood was named an assistant captain of the Southwest Wildcats. The speedster hasn’t produced much, but is effective in other ways.

List Alumni – Meredith Goldhawk (Windsor Lancers, OUA), Zoe Ellis (Windsor Lancers, OUA), Rachael Tricker (Fanshawe Falcons, OCCCR), Sydney Authier (Ryerson Rams, OUA), Sydnee Baker (UPEI Panthers, AUS), Jillian Crane (Neumann Knights, NCAA), Halle Crane (Neumann Knights, NCAA), Lauren Nicholson (Ryerson Rams, OUA), Madison Lalonde (Ryerson Rams, OUA), Renae Nevills (Western Mustangs, OUA).

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