Mattea Deleary – “Have Fun And Cherish The Moments”

Mattea Deleary

Mattea Deleary swings for the Fanshawe Falcons – Photo by Fanshawe Athletics

Mattea Deleary has had a year to remember. The Ridgetown volleyball player has won back-to-back OCAA championships playing for the Fanshawe College Falcons women’s volleyball team, and enjoyed personal success in that time as well.

The game of volleyball for Deleary has brought much to her life.

“Volleyball has brought me a second family with the relationships I’ve built from this sport,” says Deleary. “It has brought me happiness and passion for something I love playing and can experience this with people who feel the same way.”

Deleary hopes other young female athletes get to experience sport in the way she has.

“I would tell young girls to have fun and cherish the moments with the friends they’ve made during the sports they love playing.”

When Chatham-Kent youth or those in London look at the court and see Deleary playing, they’ll see an OCAA Second Team All-Star, and an OCAA Championship All-Star. When Deleary thinks of young girls watching her Fanshawe team, she hopes they see inspiration.

“I hope she sees inspiration in us as she watches us put our all out on the court and work hard and that all the dedication put into it outside the game pays off,” she explained. “I hope she sees a team who has fun with each other and is supportive to their teammates.”

After a few incredible seasons, and many more years of hard work to get there, Deleary feels like if she could look back at it all, and give herself one message, it would be to enjoy every second of participating in sport, from the workouts, to practices, and the games.

“Something I would tell myself would be to not take anything for granted. I would tell myself to enjoy it all from the practices to the workouts to the games to the friendships.”

Happy International Women’s Day from CKSN.

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