Tyler Brown: The Game Of Lacrosse To Me Means The World

Tyler Brown lacrosse

Tyler Brown competing with Team Iroquois

Tyler Brown loves the game of lacrosse. It has helped him through the best and worst times in his life, and there is nothing he’d rather be doing.

“The game of lacrosse to me means the world, there’s not a thing in this world I’d rather be doing than playing lacrosse,” he said.

Brown spent the 2017 and 2018 seasons with the Wallaceburg Red Devils, scoring 146 points in only 33 games with the team, before stepping up to play Junior A lacrosse in St. Catherines last season.

Brown, who is Mohawk, with family from both Akwesasne and Six Nations, says his Indigenous heritage is of the utmost importance to him.

“My Indigenous heritage is very important to me, I’m still learning so many things about our people and all the different Indigenous Cultures within and out of North America,” Brown explained. “I feel it’s very important to learn these lessons from our elders and try to soak up information like a sponge.”

Not only has Brown found success playing lacrosse across the Province, he’s also played on the International stage, representing Team Iroquois at the 2018 IIJI World Junior Lacrosse Championships.

“Representing any Town or City is special, but being selected to represent your Nation is a whole different feeling,” said Brown about the opportunity to play for Team Iroquois.

“To me everything gets put into perspective when I put on that Purple and Gold uniform. You feel something bigger than you. It’s really an indescribable feeling. You feel so proud and so honoured to be wearing the jersey for one, and two, you realize it’s time to get to work. As everyone back home, future and present are watching. The Iroquois Nationals represent so much more than just Native People, it shows that Canada and the US is not strong enough to hold us down. We are still here and we are not going away. No matter how much Canada and the US want to tuck us away on little pieces of land and hide us.”

It’s this passion and strength Brown feels every time he holds a lacrosse stick. The talented athlete, who has benefitted so much from lacrosse, hopes other Indigenous youth find something, anything, that provide them with similar power and purpose, like lacrosse has provided Brown himself.

“If I could tell any Indigenous youth anything. For me it is to find your lacrosse. Lacrosse for me, helped me through so much, it’s helped me when I’ve been so low and feel like I’ve lost myself. It helped me stay high when I feel like I’m on top of the world. There’s so much more out there for Native youth, I see so many youth out there doing so many amazing things. So for me lacrosse is my sanctuary so to speak. Lacrosse is my getaway, my out, everyone has theirs. You’ve got to find yours.”

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