Mattea Deleary Believes In The Power Of Sport For Indigenous Youth

Mattea Deleary

Mattea Deleary with the Fanshawe Falcons

When young Indigenous athletes look for role models, they need to look no further than Mattea Deleary.

Deleary, who is Chippewa, from Delware Nation. at Moraviantown, also hopes Indigenous youth see what can be when they see her on the court.

“I hope they find inspiration and motivation,” said the Fanshawe College women’s volleyball star. “I hope that the young Indigenous athletes stay dedicated and work hard for what they want to achieve.”

Named an OCAA second team all-star, and an academic All-Canadian, there’s a lot to look up to with Deleary, who helped Fanshawe College win a provincial gold. She believes sports are an important opportunity for growth and development for youth.

“I would tell others that sports are a great opportunity to build skills and relationships. Sports allow you to meet people who share the same passion as you. Being involved in sports also can help an individual create a sense of self and purpose while being active.”

Proud of where she comes from, sport has taught Deleary much, but it’s her background that formed the foundation for the skills and values she carries onto the court.

“My background has shaped me into the person I am today and built my values. My heritage has allowed my family and I to have a close relationship, to which they support me through everything especially in sports.”

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