The Future Of Hockey Scouting

By Matt Pepper

It’s been a trying time for us all in the world this year.  All of the activities that we have become accustomed to, have either been modified or put on hold.

For many of us in the sports industry, it’s been a difficult time.

As a Hockey Scout, my job is primarily to attend live Hockey games and evaluate talent from that game.  That involves spending time in a public facility, whatever Hockey arena in whichever town or city I am in that day.

I have no idea what the future holds for this.

There have been many things out there regarding the future of Hockey to prevent any spreads of the COVID-19 virus, but being out in public watching a Hockey game is an interesting scenario since we do not know what the rules will entail at that time.

Will I even be allowed to attend?  Will local fans be able to watch?  What about the parents?  Will it be limited to a set number of people?

All legitimate questions, and very few answers right now.  As frustrating as it may be for me, it’s even more frustrating for the players.  With talk about how their time on the ice and around teammates being limited, how they may have to change before being at the arena, and their overall day-to-day changing from years of the same routine, this is going to be an interesting time.

Regardless of the scenario, I’ll still be watching this year.  If I’m not allowed in the building, I will be watching from home if games are going on.  As frustrating as that would be, I’ll still be watching.

That’s one routine that won’t be broken.

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