Culverwell Combining Her Love For Sports And Health In New Fitness Video Series

Adele Culverwell works out alongside Owen Kalp in one of her fitness videos.

The pandemic has given many people time to reinvent themselves. Adele Culverwell didn’t necessarily reinvention herself; rather, she took this time as an opportunity to combine two of her passions, sports and fitness. And she’s bringing her friends along with her.

Recently, Culverwell, a talented basketball player, started an Instagram channel leading workouts, where she invites another local to workout.

“In March when we couldn’t return to school I wanted to continue working out, so I watched videos and worked out with them to give me more variety of workouts than I already knew,” Culverwell explained of her reasoning for starting her workout video series, which can be found on her fitness account @delfitduos.

“When the COVID stages allowed us to expand our bubble, I decided to find partners to workout out with because it’s more motivating and fun when you have a friend.”

Cuverwell was also inspired by the brand Gymshark, who has a large contingent of online influencers leading workouts. Although she hopes to get noticed by a company like Gymshark, it’s Culverwell’s focus on health and fitness that keeps her going.

“I hope to inspire others to workout and stay fit,” she said.

Culverwell, a UCC Lancers student, has played volleyball, badminton, track and field, and cross country for the Lancers, along with her sport of choice, basketball.

Culverwell began playing basketball in grade 3 for the Chatham-Kent Wildcats, who she played for until grade 11 when she moved to the Windsor St. Clair JUEL team.

It’s her drive to excel in sports that originally get Culverwell interested in fitness and training.

“My initial reason for fitness is to enhance my abilities and to excel in my sports. But I also enjoy how it makes me feel – healthy, happy, and stronger.”

So far, the response to her videos has been positive, and she is having fun creating them, and hearing from those who have done the workout online.

“My favourite response was from a friend from elementary school who I hadn’t talked to for a long time, he did the workout and said that he found it challenging but he enjoyed it. Overall the responses that I get are positive.”

Culverwell, who is hoping to have more friends participate, but jokes that some are too shy to workout online alongside her, hopes more and more people join her as part of the workout duo, and also by participating along by following her Instagram channel.

At the same time, Culverwell is also just enjoying being creative, and using her passion for fitness and sports to make something new.

“My health goal is to continue to eat right, sleep well, and exercise daily. From a sports perspective my goal is to increase my stamina, strength, vertical, and agility to enhance my basketball skills. When we return I hope that my training in the off season will benefit my game. My ultimate goal is to play post secondary.”

With her dedication and initiative, no goal is out of reach for Adele Culverwell.

Check out one of Culverwell’s workouts below:

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