Chatham’s Next Wave Of Women’s Hockey Players Is About To Make A Big Splash

Kate Martin – Photo by

Chatham-Kent’s women’s hockey scene has been booming for some time.

Currently, there are 24 Chatham Outlaws and Chatham-Kent Crush alumni playing or committed to University hockey programs. That’s an entire team.

Some of those include Hockey East Rookie of the Year Jessie McPherson of the University of Vermont. Merrimack starting goalie Emma Gorski, Colgate defender Kaitlyn Isaac, and several other NCAA DI commits and USports stars.

But the next wave of Chatham-Kent women’s hockey products are about to crash the scene, and make a big splash at a higher level.

These include PWHL players Taryn Jacobs, Natalie Bray, and Brenna Dittmer, who are the closest to college commitments. This group is fielding offers, and will soon be able to chose their school.

Next up are Kate Martin and Ella Altiman who will be in the PWHL whenever hockey can resume.

The same goes for Rylee Strohm, a non-Chatham-Kent resident, but who played for the Chatham-Kent Midget ‘AA’ Crush last year as a Bantam aged player, and was one of the team’s best players. Strohm will be on NCAA radars immediately when hockey resumes.

After this group, and exciting group of youngsters including Abby Stonehouse (who may jump directly to the PWHL), Ali Altiman, Fionna Waddick, Abby Tape, Draedyn Wrightman, Emma McDonald, and Bria Bacik are names to watch.

Chatham-Kent is a hub for women’s hockey, and the future looks bright.

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