Ayim Caps Her Career At Tokyo Summer Olympics

By Gabby Glasier

Miranda Ayim

Basketball player Miranda Ayim will be joining Team Canada at the summer Olympics – for one final time.

The pro basketball player will be ending her athletic career in Tokyo, Japan after three trips to the Games.

“I wanted to end my career with another Olympic appearance, most definitely, but it’s always been about pouring into something much bigger than me,” she says.

As Ayim’s career comes to a close, she’ll open this final chapter by serving as Canada’s flag bearer at the opening ceremonies. It’s an honour suitable to her contributions with Basketball Canada for more than a decade.

“I feel so honoured to represent Team Canada and lead Team Canada in the opening ceremony alongside Nate (Hirayama),” Ayim said of the opportunity to be Canada’s flag bearer.

For Ayim, returning to the Olympics and carrying Canada’s flag means that she will be able to bring pride and joy to people back home – sentiments that have been obscured this past year.

Like everyone else, Ayim has struggled during this pandemic.

“We’ve been operating within a strict bubble for a month and a half now and will continue another five weeks until the end of the Olympics. It’s a mentally challenging space to be in,” she says.

Being an athlete in 2021 is incredibly isolating, yet Ayim’s focus is unwavering – she is determined to make Canada proud, to make Chatham-Kent proud. Although Ayim moved to London at a young age, Chatham holds a special place in her heart.

As the Olympics nears, marking a finale of sorts for Ayim, she has looked back on her career.In particular, she says that she’s learned to be grateful for challenges.

“The most difficult times in my career, injury, poor performances, are what have made me the athlete I am today,” she says. “They’ve afforded me perspective and empathy and have grown my resilience and fortitude.”

And so, with empathy, perspective, and fortitude, Ayim will be representing us on the world stage – and for that, we are grateful.

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