Nicholas is ‘excited to compete against best in the world’

By Gabby Glasier

Breanne Nicholas
Breanne Nicholas carries the ball for Team Canada.

This year, Chatham-Kent will be making its mark on the world stage.

As of July 2021, Breanne Nicholas will be attending the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Although she has been a part of Team Canada since 2015, this will be her first Games.

The journey to this Olympiad has been different than past years, arguably harder, yet Nicholas chooses to see the silver lining.

“Going to the Olympics this summer means all the hard work, injuries, setbacks, highs and lows have been worth it,” she says.

In anticipation for the humid Tokyo climate, her team has added extra heat training. But even with the heat, she says that the main challenge remains to be facing all the COVID-19 related mandates.

“I’m most excited to … compete against the best in the world,” she says.

But even with the high temperatures, coronavirus restrictions and all other obstacles in her way, Nicholas will be an Olympian this summer – with the whole of Chatham-Kent cheering her on.

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