Maroons Move Game Times To Accommodate Families

Gone are evening home games. The Chatham Maroons are shifting gears to hopefully welcome more kids and families. Instead of their traditional 7pm Sunday home game, the Maroons will now play at 3:30pm.

Below is a letter from the Chatham Maroons:

We have had plenty of feedback from our current fans, community members, and city councillors that it would be great to have afternoon games on Sundays to create a community event that would be accessible for everyone. Moving to an afternoon game time on Sunday will allow our games to be more accessible to everyone in the community and allow more kids and families to attend, as well. 

We have had a very loyal fan base for several years now and we believe this will only add to the game day experience for the community fans of Chatham-Kent. We would like to make our games a community event that people can look forward to every weekend. 

From the feedback we received, night games on a Sunday weren’t ideal for most people because of school and work the next day. We believe a 330pm start time would be early enough in the day where fans can still get home at a decent time after the game. We believe it is also late enough in the afternoon, so fans can still have their day to enjoy time with family, watch football, attend church, or enjoying their Sunday as they choose, and still attend our games in the late afternoon. 

We have taken all of the feedback into consideration and would like to announce that OUR HOME GAME START TIME will be at 3:30pm on Sundays this season. 

It’s been a difficult time navigating the past 18 months for several people and we believe it is vital for our community to have weekly events that everyone can look forward to attending. 

We don’t have guidance on the percentage of fans that will be allowed in the arena with covid guidelines yet, but we will certainly keep everyone up to date on attendance protocols moving forward. 

Also, If you would like to join our dedicated group of volunteers on game days, please direct message us for details. 

We are very excited about our team this year. We have a great mix of returning veteran and first year players. We are very proud to have a large group of local Chatham-Kent players, as well. We look forward to representing our community in a positive way this season.

We have pre-season exhibition home games planned on Sunday, September 12th and September 19th at 330pm. Our first regular season home game is scheduled for September 26th at 330pm. These dates are subject to change based on covid regulations at that time. 

We will see you all at Memorial Arena very soon!

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